Freewrite brings Word Processors back from the dead

Have you ever heard of a Word Processor? No, not Microsoft Word or Libre Office. A Word Processor is technically an electronic typewriter and was technically the world’s first computer.. almost. After being obsolete by the 1990s, the Word Processor never really did make a comeback throughout the almost 20 years since its disappearance.

Well, the team at Freewrite has finished their Kickstarter and are now allowing the ordering to start. Priced at an intense $499 USD, this is a massive amount to spend but do you know what you are going to get exactly for your money?

First off, it looks like something you would find back when Clive Sinclair was in the computer business but this is no ordinary computer, this is a Word Processor with the ability to connect to Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote and in the future, iCloud to save your work.

An amazing Cherry MX brown switch mechanical keyboard is built into the device for maximum ergonomics and the e-ink display, according to Freewrite can allow users to work in the sun and with the low power consumption, the battery can last for 4 weeks on one charge. One of the contributors to the low battery consumption is the wifi toggle on the side which means that users can turn it off anytime they do not need it.

The best part of the Freewrite is that it allows the user to work offline, something you cannot really do properly with a Chromebook. So far, storage is unclear but the article on Wired says that the onboard storage on each Freewrite unit has the ability to “store over a million pages of plain text”.



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