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You’ve probably heard of Changetip via Coinjournal’s popup prompt for readers every single time you enter their site or through social media platforms that Changetip supports. Well, Bitcoin tipping has evolved over the years from addresses and QR codes all the way to Shapeshift making the transfer of Bitcoin from person to person easier and faster than ever.

Changetip is a hybrid of a social network and a Bitcoin wallet making it a very useful thing to have for a website or blog that you have or just to easily get tipped with a simple tipping link or button.
Changetip’s easy tipping allows it to gain popularity on all the major social platforms because all you need to do is tip through the username and the platform has gotten so popular that Changetip even released a WordPress plugin for WordPress users so that they can connect their Changetip accounts to a Changetip button either at the top of the post or at the bottom of the post for easy tipping.
The platform has even gone as far as to create custom tokens for users to use when they need to tip a fixed amount called “Monikers” and there is a section just for tipping monikers on the Changetip Tips page. Whether it is a “Beer” for $3.5 or the token I made, the “paperclip” which is worth 10 BTC. 
The Changetip platform pretty much covers all the major social networks including Github which is a big surprise. If you really wanted, you can connect all your accounts together for easier access to funds and if you invite friends to join Changetip, they will get some bits to start off on Changetip.

The Tipworthy page on Changetip I find very boring in general and I believe that it should be organized better. Submitting a web post costs a minimum of 0.0008 BTC or $0.35 USD which is a little bit of a problem if you do not get enough tips to break even which is also good because at least you know that people can’t spam faucet referral links on the page which ruins the experience.  
A lovely and simple Tip Me page is generated by Changetip for all your tipping needs by hosting a form so that other Changetip users or outside Bitcoin addresses can tip you through Changetip. Another option is simply to add the Changetip button wherever you want, making it way easier than clicking on a link (probably more organized as well).  

Charities are starting to accept Bitcoin and as a result, Changetip has a dedicated page for you to give your Bitcoin to a variety of causes such as Code to Inspire or BitHope which will make you feel good if you get tipped 0.03 BTC and you donate a little bit of it to a charity.

Something that I’ve noticed on Changetip is the ability to deposit and withdraw US dollars which is kind of weird given the fact that this is a Bitcoin tipping platform. Changetip has created a way for people who are not very comfortable with using Bitcoin to trade their Bitcoin for a more “physical” currency like the US dollar or any currency in general.

After trying it out, I successfully put the Changetip button on a blog post and installed the WordPress plugin and I have to say, it certainly works. The part I am not a big fan of is the Tipworthy page and I still prefer Zapchain but just for the sake of comparing Apples to Caramel Apples, I do enjoy Changetip and am going to use it on my blog more often.. beside the Shapeshift button which converts your Altcoins to any cryptocurrency you want as you tip the person.

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