Shashlik to allow Android apps to run on Linux

With the release of Remix OS which gives users a hybrid operating system of Google’s Chrome OS and Android comes a new competitor named Shashlik which runs a lite version of Android in the background of your favourite Linux PC.

“The goal of Shashlik is to provide a way to run Android applications on a standard Linux desktop as easily and simply as possible”

Since Android’s operating system was based off of Linux, the Shashlik team managed to technically integrate Android app capabilities into the native Linux operating system as half emulator and half firmware.

Even though the software is still under development, it is offering a test copy of its Shashlik application for Intel processors because when I tried with my AMD64 Linux PC, it said it was incompatible.

According to PCWorld, once installed on the machine, Shashlik will then install any APKs (Android apps) onto your system and give you the ability to launch it from your desktop.

So far, there are positive reactions to the release of Shashlik’s latest build (0.9.3) which offers a little more improvement but otherwise should still stay the same.

After looking at the website, I noticed that Flappy Bird’s APK works perfectly with Shashlik but will other more advance apps work such as Mycelium’s Bitcoin wallet or the entire Google Play Store?

While looking at the disqus page for Shashlik, I saw that people believe that Shashlik will be a game changer by allowing Linux computers to run Android apps. The closest thing so far to Shashlik would be Bluestacks but it only runs on Windows and Mac OS and some apps have made their way to the Windows Store such as Candy Crush Saga.

If there is going to be proper AMD compatibility, I will try out and review Shashlik but so far I am not planning to do that any time soon.


Author’s note:

I apologize for the delay of articles. I have been a little busy with my school work and realized that our school has a newspaper (in which the first edition was published on Feb 18). Other than that, business class is always fun and we started to do Genius Hours.


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