Coincap gives you an all-in-one crypto ticker

Have you ever used the Coingecko ticker or Coindesk one? Do you want to just look at one website that shows you all the different cryptocurrency prices? Well, you are in luck because has you covered. Coincap offers an entire website that offers real-time price changes, charts, market cap, volume and available supply for each cryptocurrency when you click on it.

It even ranks each one and as usual, Bitcoin is on the top and followed by Ethereum and etc. There are even charts each cryptocurrency page so that you can see via line graph the performance of a cryptocurrency.

They even have an app which surprised me because I was looking for one like this until I stumbled upon this website and with this great website comes an API that they offer so that people can get real-time prices directly from Coincap instead of going through multiple APIs from different websites.

One big thing that sets Coincap aside is the amount of cryptocurrencies it supports. For example, Coinbase can give you the price ticker for Bitcoin and Coingecko can give you a for anything they support which is vast but not as good as Coincap. With price tickers for cryptocurrencies, cryptonotes and the ocassional counter-party asset, this price ticker is my go to for stats.

Judging by the amount on the homepage, Coincap has price tickers for close to 400 cryptocurrencies and offers full stats on them. I do not see any other website that can do this.

Overall, this is actually awesome and its app is easy to use and sports 3 lists called “altfolios” so that you can bookmark your favourite cryptocurrencies for easy viewing. I put down one with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and Litecoin while another has Counterparty assets and various cryptonotes and the last one has FedoraCoin which is very low in value and almost never moves.

Even an Alert system is available to give you notifications daily at an assigned time for all price tickers or you can set a high and low limit so it can notify you when the price for a cryptocurrency hits that mark.

You can check them out at:


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