Macbook Pro 2016 specs?

With the set launch of the iPhone SE and iPad Air 3, we completely forget about the other line of Apple products, Macbooks which are some of the most popular laptops for developers and people who want a smooth and sustainble computer.

An article released by MacWorld has suggested the 2016 MacBook Pro will sport an Intel Skylake processor which is the newest from Intel but Apple might be a little late to use Skylake because it has been some time since its release and companies such as Microsoft have already entered the market with their new stuff.

Other than a new processor, the Macbook should have more battery life due to Skylake’s low battery consumption to match the battery life of a MacBook Air.

With the lack of touchscreen technology and a hefty price, the MacBook is hot water since many companies are already pushing products with touchscreens which can either enhance the experience or destroy the screen quality which I do not like.

Lately, I have been looking and noticing the really awkward look of the screen with a touchscreen display because somehow it feels and looks like a tablet which I do not like because laptops were never meant to be tablets, just a portable computer that can do anything a computer can do and not be limited (as much as a tablet) in terms of specs and hardware.

Apple has actually played it safe by continuously releasing a MacBook without a touchscreen display but instead they improve the display which I love because why on earth would I need a touchscreen?

Prices of a MacBook Pro still hover over the $1200 and shows no sign of a price deduction meaning that Apple’s customer coverage is quite limited. If Apple were to do something similar to what they might do with the iPhone SE and create a budget MacBook, they might gain more of a market share.

A little problem with getting the 2016 model is where are you going to put your old one? Apple products tend to last for about 3 years at the minimum before showing signs of slowing down but a Mac somehow has the ability to be used for 6 years without slowing down which is quite cool because you can probably use it for 10 to 15 years with the exact same hardware and software without any trouble losing your speed until there is a hardware change in the future.



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