free paper limits service on march 8

For those who use, this might be a little bit of a problem because the Technology Is Key Daily News paper is hosted on and this might be a little problem on March 8 and onward.

For those who have no idea what is, it is an online newspaper platform where users can create their own newspapers using the easy-to-use paper builder and you can even find interesting Twitter and RSS feeds to post.

Changes (migrated to paid plans):

  • promotion on Social Media
  • Web presence (paper customization options)
  • newsletter service
  • content sources
  • archived editions

Other than the newsletter service and content sources features, this will not really influence me a lot but my biggest concern is the content sources. I have so many Bitcoin RSS feeds which kind of scares me and this blog is already being taken over by Bitcoin articles so I might have to cut down on Bitcoin articles and focus on different topics such as StartUps and education.

What do you think? Will this influence you?

You can read more about the changes here:


Angus is the Editor-In-Chief and creator of Technology Is Key. He enjoys tech and business and also runs Adventure Bitcoin.

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