Let’s talk: iPhone SE release

As you may know, Apple hosted a product release “conference” on March 21 (sadly I was not there) and have showed off some of their latest products but the product that all media outlets are interested in is solely, the iPhone SE. Officially the iPhone SE is the name of the latest phone. Apple has removed the 5 or 7 and placed an SE.

With a 4″ retina display, an amazing 12MP camera and A9 chip which is used in an iPhone 6s all put into an aluminium chassis that looks familiar to the iPhone 5 and 5s. 

Even though it looks like a 5s, the processor is still the one used in the iPhone 6s and not an A10 which is logical because 10 is after 9 but is still 2x faster than the 5s in terms of CPU performance.

One huge thing when everyone thinks of Apple products is graphics. Better graphics is Apple’s signature move. According to Apple, the A9 processor has a GPU that is 3x faster than the 5S in terms of performance and is cheaper than the iPhone 6 at only $579 CAD.

This is, in all of iPhone’s history the most budget-friendly iPhone ever released with the exact same specs as the (previously) latest iPhone which is kind of hilarious because the SE manages to have similar specs to the iPhone 6s but is several hundred dollars cheaper.

Other than specs, Apple has still kept the headphone jack which is good news for traditional headphone users who do not want to switch to wireless or use a specialized headphone jack. Apple has even completely removed the 32GB option on all iPhone purchases but has kept the 16GB and 64GB and has not released a 128GB model at all today.

Customers can now even order the latest iPhone in Rose Gold which has only been available for the 6s and to be honest, looks fantastic and comes in the exact same size as the 5s, allowing buyers to continue using their 5 and 5s cases and Otterboxes.

In some other news, MacWorld UK has posted that the March 21 Apple event did not have a new MacBook Air but instead had the newest 12 inch MacBook with USB C and the thinnest laptop build in the world.


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