How Mellow-Ads offers free ad campaign credit. Spread your content.

While searching for an ad-network for a little pet project I am making, I have decided to consider Mellow-ads now. Making my own ad-network will take time and might take some effort but here, Mellow-ads actually has what I am looking for and has a faucet where you can even gain some Bitcoin to be used on your advertising campaigns.

On their website, it says that you can decide whether you want to pay per a set number of unique clicks or unique views which is pretty much what I am offering to negotiate with advertisers who want to join my little group of ad spaces.

While I am planning to contact Mellow-Ads about publishing rates, I am strongly considering using Mellow Ads because they have a nice “marketplace” for ad spaces for advertisers and also their 3 different ways of earning ad revenue is impressive.

After signing up and checking it out, I set out to try out their faucet and got a minimum of 5000 satoshi for ad credit which is pretty cool so I do not really need to deposit money to do any major campaigning.

What is surprising is that they even offer network ads which means that if there is unused ad-space on your website, the ad-network will do its best to fill it up so no ad-revenue is lost on your website which might come in handy.

Other than less control over how to handle the ad-revenue, I am very tempted to use Mellow-Ads because their ad-space stats are way better than what I have so far and plus, I have no traffic right now which might be a little difficult to attract potential advertisers.

So far, there are several ad-networks on the table that I might consider, CoinAd, A-ads, Mellow-ads, Bitmedia and Bitclix but I am very tempted on establishing my own ad network.

I am also planning to raise/save some Bitcoin in order to get an actual .com domain name which might be cool, specifically for my blog and I might expand as well so here is what I am planning:

– A domain name.
– Proper Faucetbox faucet hosting for Adventure Bitcoin
– Merger of Techiskey and Adventure Bitcoin.
– Establishing a new pet project.

If you want, feel free to contribute to the cause and I should probably have a contributors section specifically to thank contributors (lightbulb!). Oh, and by the way I use Coinbase mainly so if you want me to know who is donating, you can use Coinbase for low fee transactions within Coinbase’s wallets.

Bitcoin: 17om2hunkbRFza6yNn9g9Q4Wy5UqQb7YwC 

BREAKING NEWS!! My advert for the blog has been approved by Mellow-Ads. Prepare to see my blog all across the internet (not).

You can check them out at:


Angus is the Editor-In-Chief and creator of Technology Is Key. He enjoys tech and business and also runs Adventure Bitcoin.

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