EA officially announces Battlefield 1

It has been some time since the last Battlefield came out (Battlefield Hardline) and Electronic Arts is ready to showcase the next generation of the Battlefield game series. Today, Electronic Arts officially announced Battlefield 1 with FrostBite engine.

EA has also confirmed in the live stream that it is certainly going to be set in World War 1 with amazingly realistic graphics including land-ships, biplanes and even a zeppelin at the end of the trailer.

You can view the official trailer below:

Judging by the trailer, there was a heavy amount of British and German troops and weaponry showcased which means that EA has truly included some of the coolest weapons and items in history.

With trench warfare, tank battles and even dogfights, EA has again implemented all the best games such as World of Tanks, Call of Duty and War Thunder into one high-quality game.

No specific price has been announced as of the Battlefield World Premiere.

The trailer even showcased various maps that resemble the various environments and faction territories that the soldiers of the Great War had to battle in such as horse-mounted soldiers in a sandy environment like the Ottoman Empire or the trenches of Europe along the French-German border.

According to the BF live stream, they implemented bayonets which were never really added properly to Battlefield because the equivalent I experienced was knifing people which weren’t the same.

I am personally really excited for this Battlefield and hope that it has co-op like they had in Battlefield 3 because I really want to drive a land-ship and run around a map with the high-tech German weaponry.

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