Bitcoin lead coder kicked out of source code

It must be a tragedy for Gavin Andresen who was recently kicked from editing and updating the main Bitcoin source code by the community.

After supporting the belief that Craig Wright is the true Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious creator of Bitcoin and the first Blockchain pioneer which Wright has yet to prove, the loyal community of developers who update and maintain the Bitcoin repository on Github have stripped Andresen of his power for security reasons.

According to a blog post by a Github user known as Wladimir, it talks about the potential scammers that could have hacked into Satoshi’s accounts and manipulate loyal Bitcoin users to do anything.

This is not an idle concern, for us. Remember how the bitcoin sourceforge was hacked using Satoshi’s inactive account?“.

The blog post has also stated under a subheading that practically compares Gavin Andresen and Julius Caeser that the community should not allow Andresen to maintain the source code anymore since he originally was not as active as the other contributors.

In an article by the Guardian, it even includes a piece of Wladimir’s blog post that states:

In the past he has stated that ‘Satoshi can have write access to the github repo any time he asks’, so if he is absolutely convinced that this is Satoshi, there is a risk that he’d give away the repository to a scammer“.

What do you think about this? Is this crazy or right? Do you think Craig Wright is truly Satoshi Nakamoto? I want to know!


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