Potato Bank faucet offers Bitcoin or Dogecoin

Ever since starting Potato Bank, I thought that it was pretty cool to have my own faucet to work on while attempting to generate ad-revenue to invest in proper hosting or reinvesting back into the faucet.

Normally, Potato Bank uses Dogecoin as it’s main cryptocurrency that it pays out to FaucetBox but starting from today, there will be a change so that there will be an occasional switch between Dogecoin and Bitcoin to make things interesting. Don’t worry, I’ll publish the updates on Twitter so follow us at: @techiskey or check http://potato-bank.faucetfly.com/ for information on which crypto it is.

I’ve even implemented an “Earn More” page which is a list of various faucets and goodies for you to check out to earn even more Bitcoin… or Dogecoin.. depending what you need or want.

So, so far, our rewards on Potato Bank are 5, 10, and 20 Doge which is pretty sweet but I need to research how to properly market and monetize a faucet because I don’t think my “quality of content” approach will work properly.

I normally use A-ads for this monetization because it is simple enough to use and do not have enough popularity to use CoinAd because I heard they have a decently high payout. I usually try some Affiliate Marketing and little ways to improve Potato Bank but I’ve run out of ideas.

Speaking of faucets. Do you require Ethereum? Well, there is this really cool faucet I found out. Imagine the FaucetBox for Ethereum. Well, BoxEther does that. you can check out one of their faucets here:


Do you want to earn Bitcoin for reading and writing? Well, I’m working on Tales From Sky City which pays users to write and read awesome stories. Like Fanfiction.net



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