My top 5 must use Bitcoin faucets

So, I’ve decided that every crypto website has one of these and I guess I should make one too. Well, here goes nothing, my 5 Bitcoin faucets to earn awesome rewards.

Note: I am going to be including referral links so you will have the option of either going to a website or supporting us. Your choice but honestly, there is literally no difference which one you press.

Since faucet rotators are almost worthless and take a lot of effort transitioning from one faucet to another, I never use them and plus, rotators tend to have many low paying faucets which aren’t the most popular in an attempt to make them popular by letting people amass a decent amount of Bitcoin from a variety of faucets. I find that it takes too long so here are my top Bitcoin faucets I recommend:

5. Mellowads

Yes, Mellowads is the ad network that connects advertisers with publishers. Their faucet is relatively simple to use and has a minimum of 5000 satoshi per claim which is quite a lot. But there is a catch, all satoshi claimed from the faucet can only be used for advertising purposes such as funding campaigns, etc.

I personally use this for various marketing things. I can share my websites with the world and generate page views which can lead to more people joining my project, Tales From Sky City.

You can start claiming here:

4. Moon Bitcoin

Moon Bitcoin is one of the most popular faucets on the web and I just had to put it down. It works differently, instead of a set minimum, users have to wait for the faucet to slowly increase the claim amount from 0 to 100 or more.

I enjoy its referral program and even its website looks good. I earned a decent amount but I sometimes end up impatient which makes me lose claims.

You can start claiming here:

3. Weekend Bitcoin/ Blockchain Stats

From the creators of Bitcoin Aliens comes Weekend Bitcoin (now renamed Blockchain Stats) which offers a relatively low minimum satoshi of 100 but with a cooldown timer of only 5 minutes. 
Since the claim balances are all synced to Bitcoin Aliens’ servers, it won’t take much time to accumulate enough Bitcoin for a withdrawal.

2. Milli

99Bitcoins’ own faucet, Milli offers a minimum of 100 satoshis per claim and has a really short timer at 5 minutes. The website itself is really clean and not cluttered with ads and has its own payment system. Recently, Milli got an upgrade to separate itself from FaucetBox meaning you need to reach a separate Milli min. threshold of 13000 satoshis for a withdrawal. 

There is even a public chat for people who want to report faucet problems or require support. I never tried the chat but it looks like a really good way to build trust between faucet users and owners.

You can start claiming here:

1. Free Bitcoin

Lastly is Free Bitcoin, one of the first faucets I went to. A nice and high claim amount at a reasonable wait time for the next claim. The referral program is a beauty and has a good min. withdraw threshold. 
I mainly use them for affiliate marketing now but I still make a claim once in a while. Their sister site, Free Dogecoin also has a nice claim of minimum 10 Doge per claim and the same 60 minute timer. 
You can start claiming here:

*End of list*

Well, those are my top 5 faucets and if you have any to suggest, I am more than happy to use your referral code. Just send it to me at: or @angusleung100 on Twitter. 
Also, if you want to check out some more faucets which are all tested by yours truly, you can check out Potato-Bank’s new faucet rotator which has different faucets such as Dogecoin, Bitcoin and Ethereum. These faucets offer high payouts and can speed up payout times for Faucetbox.

You can check out the rotator here:

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