Tales From Sky City prepares for June

As of yesterday, we have entered June with disastrous results, no active writers or stories are on the website which is making me nervous that this is a failed marketing attempt but no, it isn’t the marketing, it is the trust and market share between the website and users. Since we are still relatively new, people are hesitant to use it and I believe that there is a need of a reason for people to return, such as a blog or website.

Here is the latest update for Tales From Sky City:

I will be reopening the news part of TFSC as a writing blog which will give some pretty good tips on how to write and score that freelance writing job you always wanted and as a bonus, I might even interview some authors and writers in the field! Whether they are an e-book writer or a New York Times Bestseller.

Also, we are always updating and the job board is still not up yet so you will need to wait, terribly sorry.

Go check out TFSC at: http://talesfromskycity.com/

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