Netflix risks losing thousands of users if raises price

Online TV provider, Netflix, might raise their new subscriber fee from $8.99 to $9.99 a month according to Market Watch.

With 2015 being one of Netflix Inc.’s most interesting years, due to the introduction of many alternative entertainment platforms such Amazon and even the return of Hulu which have made Netflix lose a portion of its market share.

Originally priced at $7.99 per month, the price might be raised another dollar making the price for new memberships $2 more than the original which gets people wondering if they should invest in the subscription. Luckily, existing users who have started with the $7.99 per month will still be paying the same amount but for now, we have no information whether Netflix will be changing it.

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Since the price for service will continue to rise, Netflix executives have already predicted that some users might cancel their service due to the continuous rise of cost for the same content which leaves Netflix users ready to find alternative services which are priced lower and offer either improved or more features.

What do you think Netflix is going to do with the extra dollar they charge? A new T.V series? Another season of your favourite series? Or more features?

Source: Market Watch

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