Huawei plans on new Operating System

Rumour has it that Huawei is planning to come out with a new Operating System to combat existing mobile operating systems such as IOS and Android, as well as to plan what to do next if Google decides to change or alter the terms of using Android that is not attractive to Huawei.

With multiple companies such as Samsung and Microsoft already having their own operating systems and existing market shares, Huawei will find it quite difficult to establish a position in the mobile market.

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According to IDC, a whopping 82.8% of the mobile phone market is dominated by Android with Apple having 13.9%, followed by Microsoft and others which means that Huawei will start off in the little 0.4% which is the other linux-based operating systems.

With Symbian and Windows Mobile already demolished in the warzone which is the mobile phone market, the smartphone maker has a lot to worry about if they want to stay afloat in the phone market with a new operating system.

In an article by Android Authority, they believe that the Huawei operating system will be named “Kirin OS” but it still has not been confirmed.

Presently, Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei has no comment or anything to state about the operating system or its developments.

Source:  Ars Technica

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