Google prepares for own smartphone

Tech giant, Google Inc. is experimenting with their own smartphone to enter into the already deadly phone market to combat its own allies, Apple, Microsoft and Blackberry.

Approximately 83% of all smartphones worldwide are powered by Google’s Android operating system according to IDC which means Android users will be looking forward to a smartphone created by the company that runs Android.

But nowadays, OEMs such as Huawei have large market shares which questions Google’s marketing strategies on how to single-handedly establish itself as a premium or budget-friendly smartphone maker.

Image by Dust Moon

According to Dazeinfo, Google already hired former Motorola President, Rick Osterloh to become head of the new Google hardware division, which means at least they have someone that has experience with creating a good phone on campus.

From a market standpoint, this is a good time for Google to push out or announce a new phone because when Apple potentially releasing the iPhone 7 in the fall of 2016, Google might have a chance of luring some potential iPhone users away since lately, the recent iPhones have not gotten much appreciation.

What do you think? Should Google try with its own phone? Will it be a flagship or not? Will Apple turn things around in the fall?



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