Techiskey merges with TFSC! TFSC rebrands into news site!

It has been several months since I announced Tales From Sky City’s reading, writing and earning Bitcoin platform and unfortunately, I must say that we are shutting it down due to a lack of participation and ad performance.
After researching competitors, I thought that we could be able to compete against services such as Wattpad,, and Bitcoin Aliens’ Paid Books but I was dead wrong. People had no interest in a platform that had no brand established yet and as a result, I plan on rebranding TFSC into a news site. 
Much like the Wall Street Journal, International Business Times, etc and focus on the world of Business, technology, history and entertainment. As well as startups and press releases. As of today, all sign-ups for TFSC are stopped and stories can be exported.

Unfortunately, the value of our token, Royal Aracadian Dollar has become worthless, even though we have tried our best to market it. With the lack of value… I guess there isn’t much use of them.
We are set to take down the site within a day and will be setting up the new rebranded TFSC within 3 days. So, if you are interested in any of our topics, you can certainly visit us again in a week.

What now?

Well, with TFSC rebranding, I am planning to merge my most successful website, Technology Is Key which focuses on tech and business into TFSC to relaunch since I found yes, using blogger helps a lot with SEO but looks unprofessional. Also, With 2 merged into 1 project, I can focus more time into TFSC. Now all I need to run is Adventure Bitcoin and TFSC and not TIK as well. Also, I plan to do a promo so watch out for that.
I will be announcing the merger on Technology Is Key, Steemit, and Twitter as well.
To visit TFSC:


Angus is the Editor-In-Chief and creator of Technology Is Key. He enjoys tech and business and also runs Adventure Bitcoin.

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