UN searches for Bitcoin guru volunteers

Lately, the United Nations has gained interest in Bitcoin and blockchain technology and announced weeks ago that it is looking for a blockchain developer for humanitarian projects. This time, they are looking for Bitcoin volunteers in Africa.

The organization in charge is Twenty-First Century African Youth Movement which is based in Sierra Leone. They already accept Bitcoin and need coaches to teach their staff how to accept and use Bitcoin.

African Youth Movement
picture via AYM

According to the post, they have already made a Coinbase wallet online and are accepting donations in Bitcoins as well as traditional payment methods. They require 2 volunteers for this, both with strong knowledge of Bitcoin and logically, ability and enthusiasm to teach a small group of people. All training will be done online using email, Google Hangouts, Skype and Whatsapp since Bitcoin is fully web-based.

“None of our team members understand the digital currency and how to seek out donations. The successful volunteer will be a teacher and consultant and would not engage in any fundraising. We want to engage people outside the current financial systems as supporters and donors to a worthy cause.” stated the post.

This gig will take approximately 1 to 5 hours a week for 25 weeks and applicants must be fluent in English. AYM is looking to expand its contributors to the cryptocurrency community.

“Our organization is seeking new sources of revenue and looking for alternative ways of raising funds by accepting donations in Bitcoins and expanding our global support base.” adds the organization.

If AYM wants to reach out even more to the crypto world, they can also integrate the Shapeshift button on their website to allow multiple cryptocurrencies to be donated rather than just Bitcoin. This will diversify their targetted donation sources in their attempt to expand its revenue streams.

As of this time, AYM has yet to publish the donation address on their “donation” page so you will have to wait to donate.

Interested? You can apply at: https://www.onlinevolunteering.org/en/node/415083


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