Arianna Huffington steps down from Huffington Post

Huffington Post will be losing its co-founder and Editor-In-Chief who is planning to pursue her new startup.

Arianna Huffington, Editor-In-Chief and co-founder of the Huffington Post has announced that she will be stepping down from her position of 11 years to pursue her new startup, “Thrive Global”. With over 81 million visitors each month and 9 Huffington Post websites globally, Huffington thought this would be her last venture but she was wrong.


Launched in 2005, the news outlet originally posted liberal-supporting news but now focuses on news as well as blogging with international coverage by various other Huffington Post sites. After being bought by AOL, Huffington continued to serve as Editor-In-Chief and president until Aug 11.

Her new venture, Thrive Global is a project to help combat workplace burnout or “a corporate and consumer well-being and productivity platform”. Rather than running 2 companies, Huffington decided to leave her 11 years of hard work which exceeded her expectations to work full-time on Thrive Global.

AOL is quite sad that Huffington is leaving but has said thanks for an amazing 5 years.

Who do you think will be at the helm of Huffington Post? Will there be any changes?

Source: BBC



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