Jackson Palmer, founder of Dogecoin joins Steemit

The creator of the infamous meme currency, Dogecoin has joined Steemit with the post “I put a dog on a coin and the rest is history – hey Steemit!“.

Palmer, who created Dogecoin back in 2013 has uploaded his #introduceyourself post with verification which means it is the real @ummjackson on Twitter who posted it. In the post, there is the short story of how and why he created Dogecoin and as well as why he enjoys Steemit.

“Steemit is an interesting concept to me as it also embraces the community building approach and some of the content here already looks really interesting! One of Dogecoin’s primary use cases was also tipping, which you folks seem to have nicely implemented here.” wrote Palmer.

Ever since the release of Steemit, many people have become fascinated with Steemit’s way of tipping users without tippers actually depositing any money. He likes the devotion and community which Steemit relies on to succeed and adds that Steemit users should “always keep things fun and never let greed become your primary motivator (it can be hard in the world of crypto, I know)”.

Within less than 24 hours of the post, Jackson has already earned $8,589.66 in SteemDollars and SteemPower which he says the SteemDollars will go towards a karaoke party in San Francisco. He invites everyone to it and Mad Bitcoins is helping with organizing the event.

“Mark 9/17 in your calendar, we have a venue planned in SF… it’s gonna be awesome!”

In his post, he also talks about how he is always amazed that Dogecoin is still going strong and keeps a $25 – 30M market cap and still remembers some of the greatest achievements of Dogecoin including sending the Jamaican bobsled team to the Winter Olympics and even sponsoring a NASCAR.

You can check out his post here: https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@ummjackson/i-put-a-dog-on-a-coin-and-the-rest-is-history-hey-steemit


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