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So, I had the choice of putting my blog, Adventure Bitcoin either on Blogger or WordPress. I chose WordPress, but why? Over the last few months, I started to think of the migration of Technology Is Key to WordPress but did not want to risk it due to incompatible ads. I could only use images with the free option so, that was a difficult decision.

I found that WordPress offered me more options and more customizability than Blogger which only offers themes that users create and even those are not really that interesting. The lack of customizability and plugins got me interested in WordPress.

Since I ran Adventure Bitcoin on a WordPress.com website, I noticed that it was relatively easy to use WordPress and eventually relaunched Adventure Bitcoin with a full installation of WordPress on a free web host to try out. Loved it. I could install tipping buttons, customize sharing buttons and even include author boxes but one thing was a little more difficult that I experienced while using WordPress, SEO. With Blogger, SEO was pretty much already done by Blogger with no help from you, with WordPress, you would either need to do your own SEO or install plugins to help. This was my only problem with WordPress really.

Customizing my website was also easy with WordPress. With WordPress, I could choose which type of website I had and where to put widgets. In the end, it was pretty awesome to include rotating posts, customized feeds, and widgets.

Plugins were also one of my favourite things. My 4 plugins I had to have were: Share it, Changetip, WP SEO Wizard, and Advanced Ads. Also, Jetpack but I noticed that you cannot install Jetpack on a free host, it has to be a paid host.

Even though you have to pay a hefty amount for hosting, it’s worth it in the end if you can recuperate the costs with ad revenue or affiliate marketing. If you read my Build-a-blog series, you might figure out why I enjoy WordPress and how to get money to support your website.

Lastly, I left because it was unprofessional. My URL was unprofessional and overall, the website theme and features were unprofessional. Blogger does not include nameservers to point your domain to so it was completely a mystery when I wondered where to point it to, so I just did URL forwarding and URL cloaking. The themes and features were too basic for me and lacked the ability to be adapted. WordPress with full PHP access is better for me so I can do anything I want with my website and reinstall the backup without having to delete the entire website.

Once I was doing a review for a product, my website looked:

  • Unprofessional
  • Plain and boring

The unprofessional look made it very unappealing to many potential partners and advertisers and the plain and boring theme looked like my blog was a ghost town (which it was not).

By the way, I use Statcounter to do stats and ad-networks to see how many impressions I get. This helps me gather data for advertisers, partners, etc.

In the end, I think that the age of Blogger is slowly coming to an end and WordPress has risen to take its market share. If you plan to start a website, yes, Blogger can help with SEO and it will be easier to implement Adsense and Analytics but WordPress has more flexibility and customizable options.


Angus is the Editor-In-Chief and creator of Technology Is Key. He enjoys tech and business and also runs Adventure Bitcoin.

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