Brave Browser launch announced | Brave Browser launch announced

Brave Browser has stirred an interest among money-loving internet users as well as lawsuits from some of the world’s leading news sites. Which they have fought off. Now, Brave is one step closer in reaching their launch date, announcing it.

According to The Merkle, Brave is scheduled to release its Bitcoin-earning web browser in September 2016 which is in a month. They plan on utilizing an ad blocker and replace the ads with their own, allowing Publishers, Visitors and Brave to profit with Publishers taking the largest share in the ad-revenue.

“Online advertisers have been exploiting user data for years without consent, sometimes even infecting devices with malware. It’s no wonder that 200 million users worldwide have adopted ad-blocking to defend themselves. Viewing content on the Internet should not come at the expense of one’s safety. The Brave solution fends off intrusive ads and stops the collection of personal details by third parties, enhancing not just browsing speed, but security and privacy.” said Brendan Eich, Brave Software’s President and CEO.

With the launch within a month, Brave Software has secured an additional $4.5 million USD in capital from Pantera Capital, Digital Currency group and more. The funding will be used to continue development and operations of the browser and its Bitcoin-rewarding ad-blocking features.

Brave has even partnered with Coinbase and BitGo for the integrated browser wallet. Brave Ledger, the browser’s micropayment system will be responsible for all rewarding. This will allow all parties to earn Bitcoin.

With Brave, users can now fight back and keep their data private and defensible on their devices, while still supporting the content they wish to view via micropayments” Eich adds.

For now, a developer version is available, for those who want to integrate faucet rotators (which is not a bad idea). For those who just want to try out Brave and test drive, Brave also has consumer versions without micropayment integration available on mobile devices and major operating systems.

Source: The Merkle


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