TFSC update!

Hello, Angus here and here are a few updates for TFSC that I would like to share.

We are 27.5% done recuperating the costs of TFSC and I am now continuing the recruitment of new writers. Pretty much I’ve decided that around 90% of all funding pretty much comes from Steemit posts and another like… 10% comes from ads. We are almost there and I am trying to work on other pet projects so if you want to help, you can be a writer. The reward is pretty bad because of the lack of funding but I am pretty sure we can negotiate things such as workshops, relaxed posting times, etc. Other than that, we are actually very successful.

We are always having an increasingly bigger amount of visitors each month so I’ve started the “guest post” button on the “about” tab to allow people to submit posts. Also, advertising space is available to purchase and we plan to add RSS feeds for individual categories such as Fintech, Tech, etc.

Another update is the TFSC ad-network. Check out the “about” tab for several more options such as contact info, ad-slots and guest posting help. We are now accepting advertisers. Want more info on ad-spaces? Check out the ad-networks for more stats.

I am available to negotiate banner exchanges, entrepreneurial coaching, etc if you want to guest post. I am overwhelmed by all the content and have reduced my post count to an attempted 1 per day.



Angus is the Editor-In-Chief and creator of Technology Is Key. He enjoys tech and business and also runs Adventure Bitcoin.

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