Dollarama prepares for hand-held cash registers. To speed up the process.

Infamous Canadian dollar store, Dollarama announced on September 1 that it will be pushing out new mobile cash registers at their locations with the most traffic.

With all stores having Wifi, Dollarama can now take advantage of that and have the mobile PoS terminals to speed up your purchase in the most interesting way possible, iPods and debit card machines. The iPods themselves will be able to scan items and swipe debit cards, which means that debit will be the only option we are guessing.

Michael Ross, CFO of Dollarama said:


It’s not a self check-out. It’s an additional tool our employees use to get customers through check out as efficiently as possible at peak times in high traffic stores

As inflation continues, Dollarama is so far charging up to $4 for each product which is quite a lot compared to its original $1 price tags. They hope that the new checkout option can attract more customers and boost profits.

According to The Star, Dollarama is also planning to explore e-commerce platforms to offer bulk purchases of products for people who need it for things such as party supplies. To date, Dollarama does not have an online store which puts it behind large retailers such as Walmart.

“Our priority very much remains an enhancement of our in-store customer experience, we continue to reach new customers in an efficient manner, while providing a consistent shopping experience across our network of stores” added Ross

In second quarter, Dollarama Inc. opened 13 new stores and now they have a chain of 1,051 stores.

Dollarama Inc is so far traded at $99.10 at the time of posting.




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