Indexes drops 2%

WallStreet stock exchange, Nasdaq dropped 2% today at closing along with several other key indexes including American Stock Exchange Composite, Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500. Many indexes dropped at least 2% with the American Stock Exchange Composite Index at close to a -3% change.

It is quite interesting to see this amount of indexes drop 2%. Lately, all indexes have not been doing as great as they usually are, which could be a reason why the drop at 4pm was for indexes specifically. This could mean a potential something is going on in the world that might change the course of history?


The image above is Nasdaq’s stats for several indexes. All dropped and so far, not much has changed as of the time of writing.

Meanwhile, Apple stock was trading at over average during the iPhone 7 launch but has slowed down to be at ~$103.

What do you think about this drop? Is it a sign? Will they rise 4% tomorrow?

Note: Please note that this is just out of curiosity. We have no interest whatsoever in securities and the stock market other than market data analysis.


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