Australian Share Market fell due to technical problems

On Sept 19, the Australian share market experienced a delay in market open and an early market close which was completely unexpected by everyone This was due to several technical problems and resulted in equity trading to drop.

ASX/S&P200 dropped 0.04 and eventually trading was suspended by ASX and left there. Everything else also experienced technical issues and dropped as well and forced the ASX to suspend several transactions and limit full market trading for security reasons.

Even worse was that the securities market open was delayed by an hour and a half and the day volume was relatively light at $1.3 billion traded on that day.

“It’s been interrupted trade throughout the day so that’s kept the value and volume very light today, from the ASX200 as an index, it’s just below 5,300 points still. So it’s been pretty quiet overall.” said Steven Daghlian, market analyst at CommSec.

Exchange operators said the delay was so they could fix an issue with their Nasdaq OMX equity trading platform management function.

Other than that, ASX is back to its full market trading.

Source: SBS


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