RockBand receives first DLC by Harmonix

Rock Band Rivals, the $30 expansion pack for Rock Band 4, has officially been released giving players more gameplay and more features in general. This is for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

According to Harmonix, Rivals will be adding a new design for the game, as well as a music library change such as sorting songs and adding a personal rating system. Additionally, 2 new game modes are included such as Rockudrama which came out earlier this year and Titular Rivals mode which lets you do in-game gigs, earn experience with your song libary and compete for leaderboard stats when doing weekly events.

“First up: the shell. We spent a lot of time making the shell not just prettier, but also more user-friendly. The shell touches every part of the game, so an overhaul is a significant undertaking, but I think people are really going to dig the new look and feel.” wrote Ryan Lesser, Creative Lead of Rock Band Rivals.

To date, Rock Band 4 Rivals can be bought in the Wireless Jaguar Bundle for $89.99 or the Band Kit for $199.99 USD. This gives players the full Rock Bands game as well as a code to download the Rivals DLC. Even though Harmonix launched the game with the Mad Catz Fender Stratocaster controller included, it partnered with PDP recently and they bundled Rivals with the new PDP Fender Jaguar controllers.

Rock Band Rivals is going to introduce unique, new features to Rock Band that have never been in previous Rock Band titles before. We would have liked to show everyone at E3, but ultimately felt it was worth taking a little extra time to get things just right. We’ll have some exciting news in the coming weeks.” said Harmonix on their website.

In other news, Rock Band VR might be coming later this year with a ground-breaking experience for players using VR. Harmonix said that they will be using the Oculus Rift to do it. Largest question is, how on earth are you supposed to look at what button you are pressing on the guitar controller?



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