Nokia plans on releasing new Android phones next year | Nokia

Finnish telecom company, Nokia is gearing up to launch its latest line of Android smartphones in 2017 in a market where Samsung, Huawei and LG reign supreme.

Some have said that the company has permanently left the phone market with miserable sales over the past 10 years and even sold its smart phone brand to Microsoft. With “Dead on Arrival” being slapped on the latest line’s name, Nokia is officially coming back with the help of HMD Global, which we covered back in August.

After Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 problems, Apple, and Samsung’s Android competitors are taking a good position as somewhat reliable phones while Samsung is killing the Galaxy Note 7 and revving up for Note 8. This has eased the market, potentially allowing Nokia to enter easier like Blackberry did with their line of Android phone.

Back in 2013, Nokia sold its smartphone business to Microsoft, who, in the end, integrated it into the Microsoft brand as Nokia Lumia, now Lumia using Windows Phone operating systems.

The phones will be coming out starting in 2017 and Nokia will only supply advice and branding, HMD will do the rest. Both Finnish companies are rumored to be preparing a high-end flagship Android smartphone to compete with OnePlus and LG.


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