Sponsored posts and referral tips

Sponsored Posts

If you are a company and really want us to review your product or service, you can reach out to us and negotiate a proper price. Yes, this is the paid service because these get more coverage, a review and full social media sharing. Also, the products will be referred to our ad-network and you can chose to join or not.

If you do join, you are welcome to ask me or get advice on marketing or interacting with users/visitors.

You can contact our main email at: editor@techiskey.tk

Referral tips

Here’s something new, since I’m always stuck on ideas, I am opening up this page to invite you guys to send me referral links to faucets, services, stuff like that or send me things to review because they might just get into a post.

These will have their own spot on Adventure Bitcoin and hopefully, my inbox doesn’t explode but you can send them to: editor@techiskey.tk

Please don’t comment below because I never care about those since they all end up in the spam box.